Gamefan Latinoamerica is a company focused on bring solution to Game Developers / Publishers who wants to receive payments from Latin America and to start promoting his games in this growing market.

We have agreements with local payments companies in several countries of this region, giving the oportunity to our partners to have access to local market, not only trough online payments method but also in our big Affiliated Cybercafe Network.

Also we can help companies to start promotional events in latin america through Offline events and promotional material delivery in POS.
This companies are selling his products through Gamefan Network with direct agreements, we have delivered more than 500.000 virtual goods in last year.

Latin America is a market in which almost all transactions are through cash, Gamefan have agreements with top Local Payment companies to bring users the possibility to adquire virtual goods near his home in cash. This companies has points of sales country wide so users always can pay for his product in his most convenient way.

(*) Local payment methods are companies that have Retail Stores where our clients can pay Gamefan Products, they print a Voucher through Gamefan Web and then go to Retail store and make the payment in cash.

(*) Afilliated cybercafes are our own physical reseller network where clients can pay Gamefan Products and receive products in realtime.

Offline Events

Next photos are from different events organized by Gamefan with cooperation of Publishers in Latin America Cybercafes, and some pictures of meetings with our Affiliated Cybercafes owners to communicate new games arrivals and motivate them to install new games and make more promotion directly to his local users.

Game introductions

Next videos are from an Offline Event to start promotion of Mu Online in Buenos Aires Argentina, and a presentation this year of C9 from Webzen and several other games in Bolivia

If you are a developer...

You can publish your game in our network, directly to where latin america users play games, and you can receive payments, adding your product to Gamefan offer. Also if your game seem's good to us, we can help with translation free of charge, because local language is the key of game success in latin america.

If you are a publishing company...

You can start selling your game's epins or virtual goods in latin america counting with the best local payments methods and a big cybercafes network to conduit events and empower your sales, or we can offer a payment gateway service so you can sell direct in your website through our payment network.

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